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Randomata is a repository for the words, photos and musings of Dallas area freelance writer/photographer Chris Wolfgang.  Whether you’re looking for a freelance photographer to take family portraits or commercial photos, or a freelance writer to help with press releases or event coverage, Randomata can help.


Chris Wolfgang is a Dallas-based freelance writer and photographer whose work has appeared in local publications such as Avid Golfer and The Dallas Observer. When not in front of the keyboard or behind the camera, Chris can be found taking face-offs for his men’s beer league hockey team or helping his wife take care of their three dogs.  A native of Florida, Chris has lived in the Dallas area since 1997, and has carried on a secret affair with the Oxford comma for over twenty years.

Recent Words

Neighborhood Services, Cane Rosso and Cow Tipping Creamery Beckon Us to The Star in Frisco

When it was announced as the new headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, it was difficult to imagine The Star in Frisco as any type cosmopolitan destination. A mecca for Cowboys fans, for sure, but what about the non-football-loving rest of us? On the food front, it turns out there will be plenty of reasons to …

After 48 Years, Ojeda’s Tex-Mex Is Still a Cheese-Stuffed Monument to the American Dream

  The story of Ojeda’s Restaurant reads like the American dream: A couple works hard, raises a family, saves a little bit of money and starts their own business. And that’s just what Ben and Cecilia Ojeda did in 1969, leasing a small space at the corner of Maple Avenue and Lucas Drive and serving …

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